Stefano Deagatone tenor and soprano sax, Andrea Imelio el. bass, Luigi Aristi drums. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Casemate Studio, february 2008. One standard (Caravan by Duke Ellington) and six original compositions. With the partecipation of Mario Zara on the acoustic piano in the tune Solstizio.
Great energy from this jazz/fusion quartet with original composition and cover from jazz/rock of the '80. Stefano Deagatone sax tenor and soprano sax, Alessandro Toselli piano/keyboards/synt, Andrea Imelio el. bass, Luigi Aristi drums.
Stefano Deagatone tenor sax, Franco Russo pianoforte. In Nuvole e caffè you can hear interplay and deep sound with original compositions, two standard (Drawinng room blues by Billy Strayhorn and Lonnie's lament  by John Coltrane) and the beautiful ballad In memory of Lennie Nichols by american tenor saxophonist George Garzone. Recorded in june 2010 and published by the italian label Ultra Sound Records.
Stefano Deagatone tenor sax, Enrico Penazzi piano, Fabrizio Fogagnolo double bass, Folco Fedele drums. Recorded in Milan at mu.rec studio, february 2008. One standard (Solar by miles davis) and five originals. The title track Malakoff is a suburban area nearby Paris where the cd has been conceived. Published by Art of Life Records.
The impressive voice of the italian singer Mara Tinto is the key of this project by italian pianist Alessandro Toselli where the italian song book has been deeply arranged by these jazz musician:  Stefano Deagatone tenor and soprano sax, Alessandro Toselli piano and keyboards, Carmelo Scafidi double bass, Riccardo Cavagnoli drums, Sandro Vignolo drums.